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Marc Sorrel
"Les Rocoules" 2015
AOC Hermitage

Marc Sorrel
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LIMITIERT - max. 2 Flaschen pro Kunde J. Livingstone-Learmonth : 5 / 6 Sterne "Yellow, shiny... mehr

LIMITIERT - max. 2 Flaschen pro Kunde

J. Livingstone-Learmonth: 5 / 6 Sterne
"Yellow, shiny robe, legs visible. This has a sturdy, grapey, sustained and brooding nose, peach fruit and a sub air of Muscat present. The palate delivers a rolling richness, with tight grip along the sides. The flavour centres of dried fruits, inherent nuttiness. It ends coolly and neatly given the gras content. The length is bold. I find it in a quiet phase today. “The fermentation has ended, with 2.8 gm of residual sugar still left,” Marc Sorrel. 2040-42"
M. Walls: 95 / 100 Punkte
"Lieu-dit Les Rocoules, 60-year-old vines yielding just 20hl/ha. Mango, honeycomb and deeply ingrained spice, very rich and full in the mouth. “I like it when it’s very ripe,” says Marc Sorrel, and this is, but still balanced. Will age well. 1,500 bottles."

Rebsorten Marsanne
Ausbau Futs de chene
Alkohol 15 Vol.%
Allergene enthält Sulfite
Verschluss Naturkork
Erzeuger/Abfüller Domaine Marc Sorrel
F-26600 Tain l´Hermitage

Das Weingut
Zitat J. Livingstone-Learmonth: "One of the few small domaines with vineyards in plum, central sites at Hermitage. Generally traditional outlook. Attempts have been made since the late 1990s to work the vineyards more naturally. Winemaking has become more consistent. The red Hermitage Le Gréal can be very good indeed, a true child of the hill, and is indeed mighty in vintages such as 2010, 2015 and 2017. The Hermitage Les Rocoules white is an STGT (Soil to Glass Transfer)  wine. The white Crozes-Hermitage is a cracker, made from 1945 vines, and the epitomy of traditional white Rhône from the happy marriage of Marsanne and Roussanne. This, too is STGT, and has been excellent in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016."

Rebsorte (vorwiegend): Marsanne
Bewertungen: J. Livingstone-Learmonth
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