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Pierre Gonon 2019
AOC Saint Joseph
- BIO -

Pierre Gonon 2019
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Presse / Kritik
J. Livingstone-Learmonth: 4,5 / 6 Sterne
1) (Les Oliviers, mid-1970s Syrah, 600-litre cask) **** dark red; blackberry fruit leads the nose, road tar that is typical, licorice, a hint of violet. There is a great link between nose and palate, which has a savoury nature, accumulates black fruit, black olives, Southern influences, is very sealed, dense. Tannins encase it firmly and well, the fruit persists. This will give lots of movement for the blend. 23 years 2) (La Croix du Peygros, above Tournon, late 1980s-late 1990s Syrah, 600-litre cask) **** dark robe; inky, chocolate airs in wide, muscular bouquet, strength in it. The palate is similar, full of blood, dark fruits, iron grip with full grounding, a tenacious end to it, very rocky. Good close packing here. 24-25 years 3) (St Jean de Muzols, late 1960s Syrah, 600-litre cask) ****(*) full red robe; pockets of red berry, strawberry jam, soaked red cherries/griottes, sun without excess on the nose. The palate also rests on refined red berry content, a stylish hand out, typical of St Jean. It’s full of red fruits, is most charming, aromatic, can be suave. It’s calm, certain in the glass, the tannins extending well. It’s a good complement to the others for the blend. 25 years 4) (St Jean de Muzols, the base of this is World War One, 1920, with replacements, ex Raymond Trollat vineyard, 600-litre cask) ***** deep robe; has an interesting already complex bouquet, raspberry central, herbes de Provence. This is ferrous, STGT St Jo straight off the rocks, is pedigree tack, holds great sève [sap], much depth in it, pulls on to a crunched close. There are so many layers to this, it’s a real force of nature, has red fruits inset. 28 years."

Rebsorten Syrah
Ausbau Foudre
Alkohol noch nicht bekannt
Allergene enthält Sulfite
Verschluss Naturkork
Ökokontrollnummer FR-BIO-01
Erzeuger/Abfüller Pierre Gonon
F-07300 Mauves

Das Weingut
Zitat J. Livingstone-Learmonth: " An STGT (Soil to Glass Transfer) domaine par excellence, and fantastic value and consistency - these red Saint-Josephs are top notch Syrahs. The Vieilles Vignes red, occasionally produced in small quantities, is exceptional. The Gonon brothers, true countrymen and taught by their father, make delightful, delicious wines of genuine pedigree. There is a sensible transfer of fruit from mature vineyards to the cellar, where methods are calm and watchful. No new oak in sight. The white is a high-class example of Marsanne, laced with a little Roussanne from a top, south-facing vineyard, Les Oliviers. Both red and white can evolve well over 20 years in the good vintages."

Rebsorte (vorwiegend): Syrah
Presse / Kritik: J. Livingstone-Learmonth
Jahrgang: 2019
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Pierre Gonon 2019 Pierre Gonon 2019
AOC Saint Joseph
- BIO -
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (79,33 € * / 1 Liter)
59,50 € *
Pierre Gonon 2019 Pierre Gonon 2019
AOC Saint Joseph
- BIO -
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (79,33 € * / 1 Liter)
59,50 € *
Pierre Gonon Pierre Gonon
"Les Oliviers" 2018
AOC St. Joseph
- BIO -
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (85,33 € * / 1 Liter)
64,00 € *
Pierre Gonon Pierre Gonon
"Vieilles Vignes" 2010
AOC Saint Joseph
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (146,67 € * / 1 Liter)
110,00 € *
Prestige-Paket 2016 Prestige-Paket 2016
"Nord-Rhone Rouge"
Gangloff / Gonon / Belle
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251,50 € *
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