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Pierre Gonon
"Les Oliviers" 2019
AOC St. Joseph

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  • MDV4925
LIMITIERT - max. 1 Flasche / Kunde Presse / Kritik J. Livingstone-Learmonth : 4,5 / 6... mehr

LIMITIERT - max. 1 Flasche / Kunde

Presse / Kritik
J. Livingstone-Learmonth: 4,5 / 6 Sterne (Leading St. Joseph white 2019)
"1) (used 228-litre cask, the second harvesting) **** marked yellow colour; has a firm, flan-brioche aroma, a white raisin backdrop, oily fuel in the bouquet. The palate is rich immediately, keeps gliding along, holds fulfilling juice, the length good. It’s a bit on reduction, has plenty of foundation, tight grip, the close sealed. This is manly, thorough, has a near red wine structure, a hint of that, tannin. This blend fermented the most rapidly. 21 years 2) (used 228-litre cask, the second blend, still 6-7 gm of sugar to ferment) ****(*) cloudy robe; the nose is alert, on dried fruits, has good direction. The palate gives elegant richness, great length, lots of style; it holds very well at the finish, has good spine, is well structured. 23 years. 14°, a bit less than 2018. This is going to be a winner, a properly structured white St Jo, up there, one for drinking at 10+ years with plenty of complexity. 2039-42."

Rebsorten Marsanne
Ausbau Edelstahl
Futs de chene
Alkohol 14 Vol.%
Allergene enthält Sulfite
Verschluss Naturkork
Ökokontrollnummer FR-BIO-01
Erzeuger/Abfüller Pierre Gonon
F-07300 Mauves

Das Weingut
Zitat J. Livingstone-Learmonth: " An STGT (Soil to Glass Transfer) domaine par excellence, and fantastic value and consistency - these red Saint-Josephs are top notch Syrahs. The Vieilles Vignes red, occasionally produced in small quantities, is exceptional. The Gonon brothers, true countrymen and taught by their father, make delightful, delicious wines of genuine pedigree. There is a sensible transfer of fruit from mature vineyards to the cellar, where methods are calm and watchful. No new oak in sight. The white is a high-class example of Marsanne, laced with a little Roussanne from a top, south-facing vineyard, Les Oliviers. Both red and white can evolve well over 20 years in the good vintages."

Rebsorte (vorwiegend): Marsanne
Presse / Kritik: J. Livingstone-Learmonth
Jahrgang: 2019
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